About michelle

Michelle Gorham has over 20 years experience in the fashion and beauty industry, including working as a consultant for numerous accessory and beauty product lines. After attending Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles for hair and working on clients up close and personal, she realized her real passion was skin. Thus, she started her journey to immerse herself in all aspects of skin care. Starting with a scientific and medical based education, Michelle has worked as a clinical esthetician and skin care consultant for over 13 years. She has had training, practice, and experience in all aspects of skin care including traditional European based skin care as well as medical esthetics and treatments. She has worked with numerous product lines and has educated herself in natural and chemical ingredients in skin care products to gain an understanding of what is effective. Michelle’s experience has provided her with a depth of knowledge that truly makes her a skin care and product expert. 

As a clinical esthetician Michelle has focused and specialized in acne and anti-aging solutions. At her Smart Skin Solutions studio in Los Angeles she provides her clients with more than just the typical superficial surface cleansing of the skin. All her facials include a deep manual cleansing of facial pores, glycolic peel, lymphatic facial massage, and the rejuvenation and firming of the facial tissue. Her vision is to offer the best options in beauty solution to her clients through the use of the latest advances in skin care techniques and products and by educating her clients in the science of beauty. 

Michelle is dedicated to addressing the individual concerns of her clients and to implementing a holistic approach to skin care. This holistic approach includes not only her amazing facials, but also educating her clients on diet, exercise, climate exposure and product use in the battle against the effects of acne and aging of the skin. She believes that the best way to achieve optimal skin health is to be proactive and attentive to your own well being. With her in depth knowledge in the scientific basis of skincare products and experience in using many product lines, Michelle has worked to develop her own Smart Skin Solutions acne and anti-aging products. Through the use of her Smart Skin Solutions skin care products and her approach to treating the whole body, Michelle has achieved great success in acne and anti-aging solutions for her clients.