Add-on to your facial with one of our premium services to enhance your experience



"The non-surgical face lift" with the latest technology to stimulate collagen, tighten and lift the skin, and reduce signs of aging. Safe and painless electric currents stimulate the skin and provide a multi-directional treatment. 



Ultrasonic - therapy is used to stimulate each layer of the skin to help increase collagen production, cell renewal and increasing circulation. Multiple treatments recommended. 



We use state of the art tools to create hair-like strokes for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup lasting up to 18 months. Two sessions recommended. 



A stream of high-pressured oxygen infused with minerals and vitamins is used to deliver oxygen straight to the skin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and cleanses and minimizes pores. 



PCA skin peels we offer use the highest quality of peeling ingredients that are safe and effective. With ingredients that are found naturally in the skin and body to ensure optimal results without unnecessary side effects. We offer a variety of different peels based on your skin needs. 


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