Smart Skin Solutions has teamed up with Michelin Chef Auset Shridevi to provide a personalized meal planning service. Nutrition plays such large part of maintaining healthy glowing skin. Meal plans will be catered to the individuals specific skin conditions, ranging from Acne, Rosacea, Psorisis, and Anti-Aging. 

It gives me great satisfaction to be able to support people with their health needs. I enjoy being challenged to cook with limited ingredients, there are no limits in eating delicious healthy, vegetarian and vegan food. My main purpose in life is to support people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
— Auset Shridevi

Michelin Chef Auset Shridevi began cooking at eight-years-old, with her mother, and volunteering at an international foundation with her sisters. From a young age, her parents taught her an awareness of the importance of organic produce and healthy eating. She grew up eating a vegetarian diet with her father and a primarily macrobiotic diet with limited variety of poultry and fish with her mother.

With a desire to help people she explored a career in the medical field. During this time, she became aware that food is the primary cause for most illnesses.  So, at sixteen she switched her focus to pursuing a career in the culinary arts. Her goal, to make a greater impact by teaching people which foods to implement into their diet for optimal health and longevity.

Her interests lead her to join the staff at the international organization, where she volunteered, learning to cook vegan and vegetarian Indian cuisine. A few years later she graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and then spent time in Europe, traveling and learning about authentic French and Italian cuisine. After she returned to New York, and enrolled in the Integrative Nutrition program with CIA and became a certified health coach. Immediately after, Auset began working as a private chef specializing in cooking for people with dietary restrictions.

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