We use the highest quality soy-based wax that "pulls the hair, not the skin" and is especially formulated for people with sensitive skin.

Warning: Waxing Skin while on medication (such as Retin A, Renova, prescription-strength Glycolic acid, or Accutane) may cause a severe reaction and/or damage to your skin.

Bar Rules

  • For Body Waxing Treatments hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long but preferably ½ inch.  Please allow about two weeks of hair growth before your visit.

  • Please avoid sun exposure for 24 hours both before and after your waxing service.

  • Gently exfoliate your skin before getting waxed.

  • Limit your caffeine intake the day of your appointment as it can stimulate the nervous system and make waxing more painful.

  • For ladies, waxing on or near your menstrual cycle can be more painful so please schedule your visit wisely.  We can still perform the waxing service just be aware that you may be more sensitive.

  • Let us know if you have been on any skin medications that could affect your waxing service.  These include but are not limited to Accutane, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids(glycolic, salicylic etc..), Antibiotics, Benzoyl Peroxide, Differin,  Retin-A/Retinol or any other skin thinning medication.

  • Avoid Heat for 24 hours after a wax.  This includes working out as it produces sweat which carries bacteria into the pore and can irritate skin after waxing.  Also avoid sauna, steam and hot tub for one day following a wax.

  • Be sure to pick up some of our essential home care products to maintain your smooth skin! Asks your esthetician about all of our great products!

  • We ask that you honor our 24 hour cancellation policy.